Greetings to you:
I would like to share a gift of understanding that I received from God many years ago. It involves a deeper understanding of the chronology of Holy Week. The outline is based totally on God’s Holy Word. I promise that you will be amazed at how the whole perspective of Holy Week changes with only a different interpretation of one word, “twilight” – (between the two evenings), in Exodus 12:6.

I was raised in the Lutheran LCMS doctrine, (my grandfather was in the Christian ministry for over 40 years), and I am currently a member of Gloria Dei Evangelical Lutheran church in Chicago. The Truth revealed in this understanding is all encompassing, and is meant for an ecumenical audience. It is not intended just for one denomination or member of the Body of Christ.

This understanding is awesome and amazing. Many more prophesies were fulfilled during Holy Week than are currently understood. Also, the three critical errors of interpretation that I have included in the outline do not apply to this understanding. This understanding shows how several of the Pharisaic traditions had their beginnings on the day of Jesus’Crucifixion. The reason why other understandings have fallen short is because they were prejudiced. Decisions had to be made without all of the factual evidence that occurred on the day of Jesus’Crucifixion. The missing element is how God’s Prophetic Word in Amos 8:7-10 was fulfilled on that day, and how this fulfillment caused the three hour period of darkness. This understanding will bring the Body of Christ into unity on the chronology of Holy Week before the Second Coming of Christ, I guarantee it.

In Christ’s Service,
David Behrens
Sola Gloria Dei!