Paschal Lamb Ministries Inc. was formed for a worldwide ministry. My vision is to bring Christian harmony to all the world. Through the grace and mercy of God, I was called to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all clarity and understanding, casting out all deception and schisms from within the Body of Christ in this area of understanding. My initial pruning and plowing in this area began in 1992.  Today, my branch in the True Vine, Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior, is bearing much fruit for the edification of the Body of Christ. If you find this fruit to be solid food for your spirit, please give all thanksgiving and glory to God alone (Sola Gloria Dei!), for this branch cannot bear fruit of itself.  Your prayers and love offerings will assist this ministry in bringing the Light of Truth into this dark world.  Thank you.


Paschal Lamb Ministries
P.O. Box 2077
121 W. Hillgrove Ave.
La Grange, IL  60525



Paschal Lamb Ministries Inc. is not a section 501(c)(3) organization. In other words, all love offerings to this ministry will not be tax deductible and this organization will pay its taxes. We believe that we have responsibilities toward God, and that we also have responsibilities toward the civil ruling authorities. (Matthew 22:15-22)  Paschal Lamb Ministries Inc. does not want any government stranglehold on it. If you were unaware, section 501(c)(3) organizations are restricted in how much political and legislative (lobbying) activities they may conduct. When the civil ruling authorities make decisions that go against the Kingdom of God principles, this organization wants the freedom and ability to speak out loudly and firmly on behalf of the Kingdom of God, without any threats by the IRS to remove a not-for-profit status. Paschal Lamb Ministries Inc.’s light will never be put under a basket by a civil ruling authority!  If all believers in Christ Jesus had paid taxes on charitable donations from the very beginning of the American dream, I truly believe that America would not be facing the financial meltdown that it faces today, and its over eighteen trillion dollar debt.

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God’s Blessings to you,
In Christ’s Service,
David Behrens
Sola Gloria Dei!